The Situation Is Still Dire

Restaurant Closures

Over 10,000 restaurants in Canada have closed permanently since the beginning of the pandemic. And the number continues to climb as the third wave of COVID-19 rages on.

Job Loss

Due to restaurant closures and a lack of indoor dining, 800,000 restaurant jobs have been eliminated from the Canadian economy. Restaurant workers are struggling to survive.

Few Paid Sick Days

During the worst pandemic of our lifetime, many restaurant workers are forced to work in unsafe conditions because of the lack of adequate paid sick days.

How Toronto Restaurant Workers' Relief Fund Helps

Grocery Assistance

A staggering number of restaurant workers are suffering from food insecurity, which is why TRWRF can provide $200 to $225 gift cards for groceries for those who qualify, renewable every 3 weeks.

Therapy Access

Losing your job during a pandemic and healing from industry-related trauma takes professional help. TRWRF can provide 2 to 3 individual therapy sessions per month.

Rebuilding a Better Industry

The industry before the pandemic was far from perfect for restaurant workers. TRWRF is dedicated to building an industry that is inclusive and more equitable for all.